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Finding new audiences at scale is becoming more challenging. First party data doesn’t paint a complete picture — brands know their current customers but not how to identify new prospects. Targeting constraints across digital advertising make it near impossible to find new audiences at scale. Media budgets are under increased scrutiny, requiring a greater focus on spend and bid efficiency. And reaching new audiences through a DSP is rarely seamless.

Predictive Audiences can help brands find and reach new audience prospects most likely to engage, all without browser constraints, 3rd party cookies or mobile ad identifiers.

  • Find new audiences with models by incorporating a brand’s existing first party data and over 15,000 unique data signals with IBM’s Watson AI.
  • Customized and proprietary algorithms are built exclusively for each brand and based on a brand’s unique KPIs.
  • Brands can activate on models through a cookie-less, mobile ad-ID-free solution via their preferred programmatic partner.
  • Segments can be refreshed based on updated client seed data to keep campaigns fresh and current.
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Target media more effectively

Watson Advertising Predictive Audiences incorporates a brand’s 1st Party data with over 15,000 unique data signals, helping you uncover audiences most likely to act based on a brand’s messaging. In addition, Predictive Audiences allows brands to discover the ideal balance between scale and propensity to act based on their KPIs.

  • Reach relevant audiences at scale based on analysis of hundreds of millions of users.
  • Reduce media waste by adjusting bids on those audiences least likely to engage

Help your data teams

Predictive Audiences can help you avoid overtaxing analytics and data teams through automation of complex modeling tasks and reducing technology infrastructure investments, along with accelerating data analysis with exclusive modeling capabilities from IBM Watson AI

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