About Predictive Audiences

Predictive Audiences uses deep learning with neural networks to analyze relevant data and score users based on the probability of their taking a particular action (purchase, conversion, video view, etc.). Predictive Audiences ultimately helps drive performance by de-risking your decisions on whom to target, making it easier to find the crème of the crop while reducing waste.

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How predictive advertising tools work

Predictive Audiences, predictive advertising tool,  combines the latest in AI technology – deep learning with neural networks – with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink to analyze relevant data and score users based on the probability of their taking a particular action. This allows businesses to use predictive targeting to their advantage when advertising

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Going deeper with predictive targeting

Predictive targeting is a subset of predictive analytics that uses AI and machine learning to predict future outcomes based on behavior patterns and historical data.

Predictive targeting tools help drive performance by providing brands with act-a-like models of their target consumer, de-risking decisions on who to target, resulting in greater targeting precision and contextual relevance.

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  • Advice on how to get started

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