About Marketing Planner with Lucy

Marketing Planner with Lucy is an AI planning console that centralizes an organization’s 1st and 3rd party information and enable users to quickly access relevant information to inform research, segmentation, and planning functions. It can automate labor-intensive tasks and convert data assets into a quickly-searchable source of insights—freeing marketers to focus on complex, higher-level functions.

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How Marketing Planner with Lucy Works

Marketing Planner with Lucy provides organizations with a centralized platform to quickly identify and take action against relevant information, helping marketers save time and money as they build their brands. It absorbs, analyzes, and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge, including PDFs, PPTs, and Word documents, strategy decks, manuals and training documentation, technical documents, and more.


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Go Deeper with AI

IBM Watson technology helps deliver comprehensive answers in seconds by examining every piece of ingested data for an answer, and automatically rendering visualizations based on the information found. Queries could include:

  • Show me a SWOT for Competitor X.
  • What was Brand Z’s ad spend in May of 2014?
  • How many site visitors did Brand Y get last month?
  • What are the best markets for Product X?
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