About Accelerator

Accelerator is a predictive advertising tool that uses AI in order to predict what type of content will appeal to a given target audience. Accelerator removes the restrictions imposed by traditional DCO so media buyers can deliver 1:1 advertising that not only continuously learns but also predicts the optimal combination of visual elements to drive the highest engagement

Accelerator collects information about consumers who access advertising and other content through its technology partner Artsai. You can view the Artsai Privacy Policy here: https://artsai.com/privacy (link resides outside of IBM.com).

process diagram of advertising accelerator
mobile phone with advertising accelerator in use

How Accelerator Works

Predictive advertising:

  • Advanced Watson AI rapidly learns the optimal mix of creative elements to help drive engagement


  • Serves unique creative to each performance group based on message resonance


  • Goes beyond simple campaign reporting to reveal robust insights that can be applied to future campaigns

Going Deeper with AI and Dynamic Creative

Accelerator continuously learns and predicts the optimal combination of visual elements to drive the highest engagement for a given audience, it also helps advertisers better understand the composition and preferences of their audience to inform future strategy. Thanks to its use of Watson and the latest advancements in Watson technology, Accelerator delivers faster in-market data processing, model creation, and training to deliver the right creative variant to the right audience each and every time.

diagram that displays machine learning and AutoAI
ibm watson advertising accelerator awards

Award-Winning Technology

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator continues to receive recognition from the industry's leading voices for its new AI-powered approach to engaging and converting consumers, creating a best-in-class solution that achieves results.

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