WEATHERfx is IBM Watson Advertising's flagship weather solution, offering real-time, event-based targeting that enables brands to leverage the powerful connection between weather and emotion to deliver messaging that can drive consumer action. WEATHERfx interprets and normalizes weather elements, sales, and/or consumer data, defines the condition mixes when weather is most likely to drive behavior, putting the most relevant brands in front of the right people at the right moment.

How WEATHERfx Works:

  • Interprets and normalizes weather elements and sales, health, and/or consumer data
  • Defines condition mixes when weather is most likely to drive behavior
  • Puts your brand in front of the right people at the right moment

Decisioning Extends Beyond Weather

  • Because your audience is everywhere, this dynamic targeting can be applied everywhere, on our properties or yours, out-of-home, in-store, and more

WEATHERfx Trigger Spotlight

WEATHERfx Health with Watson

IBM WEATHERfx Health with Watson triggers combine IBM Watson Advertising’s WEATHERfx solution (which helps predict when weather conditions may exacerbate particular health conditions) and IBM Watson Health’s privacy-compliant IBM MarketScan Research Databases (the largest proprietary patient-level data assets available) to improve the efficacy of various WEATHERfx triggers in the health and wellness space.

WEATHERfx Enhanced Product Triggers

Watson Advertising’s powerful WEATHERfx triggers, now augmented with leading retail sales data, are available to help you take action when weather conditions are likely to impact demand.

IBM Predictive Audiences

An overwhelming majority (98%) of marketers agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 74% claiming it has a “strong” or “extreme” impact. The problem, however, is that layering on too many types of targeting variables in the name of personalization impacts the ability to scale.

Introducing IBM Predictive Audiences: a new solution that helps solve this exact challenge by combining the latest in AI technology – deep learning with neural networks – with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink to help provide marketers with advanced lookalike models of their target consumer, resulting in greater targeting precision and contextual relevance.

The solution works by layering multiple, continuous data signals such as location, weather and/or first-party CRM data, and trusted third party data from LiveRamp Data Store to identify users that are most or least likely to take a desired action. Predictive Audiences was designed for advertisers looking to drive outcomes through retargeting or prospecting, is available as custom audiences in LiveRamp and can be applied to media across the digital ecosystem.


Watson Advertising’s audience-derived location targeting platform, JOURNEYfx, uses one of the world’s largest continuous streams of first party location data – The Weather Channel – to find and reach relevant audiences. It leverages people’s real-world behaviors over time to shed light on their wants, needs, preferences, consumption habits, and anticipated future activities.

Our JOURNEYfx offering goes deeper with data, by telling you:

  • Whom You Should Target
  • Who Else You Should Target
  • What You Can Learn From Them
  • When You Should Reach Them
crowd all holding phones with flashlights on at night

Additional Audiences & Triggers

We go beyond weather and location and use relevant data sets from 1st and 3rd party sources to create audiences and event-based targeting that help you better connect with your customers. This includes custom analysis for clients looking for business-specific insights.

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