Watson Advertising's Cold & Flu Tracker Featured in GSK's Annual Report

By IBM Watson Advertising

We’re proud to share that IBM Watson Advertising’s partnership with Theraflu was recently featured in GSK’s 2017 Annual Report.

Weather App Boosts Sales

As part of their launch campaign for ExpressMax caplets, Theraflu sponsored The Weather Channel app’s cold and flu tracker. The cold & flu tracker integration on The Weather Channel app kept US consumers informed of local cold and flu levels, and boosted sales. Reflecting social media conversations, the app gave likely cold and flu levels in users’ areas, while advising them to treat symptoms with Theraflu.

Nearly 50 million unique visitors were exposed to Theraflu messaging, resulting in a significant rise in sales among app users during the peak flu season.

Read more on page 41 of GSK’s 2017 annual report.

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