Watson Advertising at Cannes 2018

By IBM Watson Advertising


We believe artificial intelligence (AI) is art and science; a collaborative tool that leverages data and technology to create new and innovative solutions or “works of art” across almost every industry imaginable.  That’s why this year at Cannes Lions we’re taking over a gallery for a special exhibition: “The Art of AI.”

Looking to connect with us in Cannes? Please join us at one of the events listed below.


The Art of AI Experience:  Join us for a curated tour that showcases various IBM Watson works.  

From art museums, to sporting events, to personal weather forecasts, we’ll highlight how Watson-powered solutions are personalizing experiences, saving time, and tackling business challenges. Then, we’ll turn inspiration into action and discuss how Watson can be the muse for your next great masterpiece.

Monday, June 18th – Thursday, June 21st 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (by appointment only)


Back to the Future with Blockchain:  Remember the good ol’ days when the media buying process was clear and simple? 

Thanks to blockchain, those days are back on the horizon. Join IBM Watson Advertising and a panel of experts across the media buying supply chain for cocktails, content, and a candid conversation about how they are using blockchain technology to tackle challenges such as ad fraud, measurement, and reconciliation. Hear about the benefits that these early adopters are reaping along with practical advice for how to apply this technology to your own business. 

Tuesday, June 19th 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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