Introducing The New Weather Channel App

By IBM Watson Advertising

IBM Watson Advertising is excited to announce that today, a brand new The Weather Channel app is available on iOS. 

iphone with weather channel on screen

The new Weather Channel app offers a a stunning new design that better anticipates consumers’ needs, all within a brand-safe environment.

For weather enthusiasts, it’s everything you love, with more of what you need:

  • Understanding: New data visualizations offer personalized insights to help consumers make better, faster decisions
  • Assurance: Enhanced alerts and a new heads-up feature let consumers know when it is time to pay attention
  • Action: Intelligent algorithms mean that the more consumers interact with The Weather Channel app, the more the app adapts to their preferences

For brands, this means you can grab consumers’ attention when they are likely to be engaged and in a planning mindset, with:

  • NEW storytelling options
  • NEW engagement and interaction touchpoints
  • NEW full-screen ad experiences
  • IMPROVED viewability

We shared a preview of the new The Weather Channel app with select consumers, and the feedback has been overwhelming!

  • “This reminds me of the years I waited for a decent smartphone to come out. I only tolerate the apps I have now because I have no choice. I’m waiting impatiently for [The Weather Channel app] release”
  • “Looks good – cannot wait to try it!”

This new app marks a milestone for IBM Watson Advertising, as artificial intelligence continues to fuel everything we do. Whether you’re looking to tell your story in The Weather Channel app, or leverage the wealth of weather and location data we have throughout the advertising ecosystem, IBM Watson Advertising has the solutions to help you make smarter business decisions.

With Android set to release in October, there are many ways your brand can be integrated as a first-to-run sponsor. Let’s talk.

Better data, better outcomes. Take a moment to update your app today.

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