Fueling Creativity with AI

By IBM Watson Advertising


Next week, scores of the world’s top advertising, media, and technology executives will gather at the 2018 Cannes Festival of Creativity, and the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) will likely be on everyone’s lips. But, you may ask, what does AI have to do with creativity?  

Whether it’s writing pop songs, creating works of art in the style of history’s great painters, or making films, AI has embedded itself in the creative process. The real question is, how far can AI go – or should it go – to develop its own sense of creativity?  

Read on to find out the real impact of AI technology on creativity, and how brands can leverage AI to fuel creative experiences. 

What You Need to Know: Fueling Creativity with AI

Creativity 2.0: Will the Next Mozart be AI?  via Futurism 

While AI systems have been known to outperform humans at playing games, many experts think the next arena for AI is in creativity. Creative AIs are not being built to replace humans, but rather to work in tandem with human artists to innovate and inspire. The future of creativity will likely be a collaborative one, enabling AIs and humans to create unique works of art. 

Can Machines Be Creative? Meet 9 AI ‘Artists’   via Live Science 

Humans use art as a form of personal expression, but with the rise of AI systems with human-like capabilities, the question arises – can AI create art? Here are some examples of AI systems that, with the guidance of their human programmers, have produced original songs, paintings, and digital artwork. 

For AI to Get Creative, It Must Learn the Rules – The How to Break ‘Em   via Scientific American 

AI systems are becoming increasingly more creative, whether writing heavy metal rock albums or producing original artwork reminiscent of the greats. But if humans can already create awe-inspiring work, why should we care about applying AI to creativity? The real beauty lies in AI’s potential to learn from the information it is trained on, and its ability to help humans creatively problem solve. 

Tommy Hilfiger and IBM Team Up to Harness AI in the Creative Design Process  via Fashion Network 

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Tommy Hilfiger, and IBM recently teamed up to demonstrate how AI capabilities can give retailers an edge, and to equip the next generation with design skills that leverage AI. Using IBM Research AI tools, students created designs, patterns, colors, and styles entirely generated by AI to identify upcoming fashion trends. 

Truly Creative AI is Just Around the Corner. Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal.  via Digital Trends 

While AI’s attempts at creativity are in their infancy, that could change very soon. Computational creativity is moving beyond funny memes and parody TV scripts to designing satellite components for NASA, creating new culinary delights with IBM’s Chef Watson, and even creating the world’s first AI-composed score for a video game. 

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