AI-Powered Ads Help TruGreen Recommend Personalized Lawn Care Plans to Consumers

By IBM Watson Advertising

Just in time for Spring, TruGreen, America’s #1 professional lawn care company, and IBM Watson have teamed up to help consumers turn their winter blues into spring greens with personalized lawn care plans. As consumers think of their lawn care needs, there are many factors that come into play, such as weeds, thin grass, dryness, lack of growth, or grass discoloration. To help them develop a plan that is personalized to their lawn care needs, TruGreen is tapping IBM Watson Advertising to create an interactive Watson Ad that addresses their specific needs.

Personalized Lawn Care Recommendation with AI-Powered Watson Ad

Consumers can discover their personalized lawn plan recommendation by simply starting a conversation in TruGreen’s AI-powered ad, utilizing a series of dialogue prompts. Once engaged, the AI-powered ad will seamlessly guide consumers through the conversation via images, videos and other interactive buttons that are relevant to the topic.

For example, if the consumer is dealing with discoloration in their yard, they can select the “grass not green” option, which will kick off a conversation with Watson to learn more about their specific lawn care concerns. Alternatively, the consumer can type in “How can I get my lawn looking great?” and Watson will respond with a series of questions to get clarity on the specific lawn needs.

Based on the data provided in the conversation, the Watson Ad will recommend a personalized TruGreen lawn plan or provide information about TruGreen’s line of service offerings, from Mosquito Defense to Tree and Shrub Care – to help the consumer make their lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

For consumers without specific lawn concerns, the AI-powered ad is also able to answer general questions about TruGreen pricing, plan details, overall lawn maintenance, and more. Consumers will also have the opportunity to connect directly with TruGreen’s experts for more information.

“At TruGreen, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to interact with consumers. We have long enjoyed a partnership with Watson Advertising, and this test with Watson Ads is a perfect entry point for us to explore AI-powered marketing. Our TruGreen team ‘educated’ Watson, and I’ve been impressed with IBM’s ability to create an interactive campaign that understands our brand and our customers’ needs. We’re excited to see where this could take us,” said Kari Rajaniemi, Chief Marketing Officer, TruGreen.

TruGreen’s Watson Ad is available on The Weather Channel app,, and across HGTV properties.

Watson Ads: World’s First Consumer-Facing AI-Powered Ad Creative

Launched in June 2016, Watson Ads is the world’s first consumer-facing AI-powered advertising creative that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to make sense of unstructured data sets, and enables brands to have two-way conversations with consumers. These personalized experiences empower consumers to ask the questions that truly matter the most to them during their customer journey — creating meaningful connections with the brand that may ultimately impact purchase consideration and reveal new brand insights. Watson Ads leverage the Watson Conversation service.

Watson Ads campaigns have launched in multiple industries including automotive, consumer healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment.


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