↪ Why care?

Advertising has the power to shape society and drive our economy. Industries with far less influence and reach than ours are being held to a higher standard when it comes to addressing bias at the core. It’s time for the advertising industry to hold itself accountable. 

We've made significant improvements to eliminate deep-seated prejudice and inequality. The creative we see today, for example, is far more balanced and representative of all consumers versus the chosen few that were historically featured. 

However, the same level of effort has not been applied to the advertising technology that enables connections between brands and consumers. 

As we reinvent the advertising technology infrastructure with consumer trust at the center, we must build a system that addresses bias in the technology that powers the entire marketing industry. It’s a business imperative and it’s the right thing to do.


Take the Advertising Fairness Pledge and share.

↪ Bias in advertising technology

In the summer of 2021, IBM Watson Advertising announced a research initiative using Artificial Intelligence to gauge the prevalence of unwanted bias in digital advertising and explore how to reduce it.  We proved our hypothesis right: bias exists in advertising technology, and AI can help identify and mitigate it.

After sharing our initial research findings in January 2022, we began to enhance tools, data and AI models to create powerful open-source technologies that can help automate bias mitigation in advertising.

↪ Take action

We are on an industry-wide mission to get brands, agencies, industry associations and ad tech providers to join us and to commit to addressing bias in advertising so that we can create a fairer, more equitable industry - together.  Here’s how you can take action:

First: Take the Advertising Fairness Pledge

  • Individuals and organizations can demonstrate their belief that addressing bias in advertising technology is a must do for all of us.

Second: Explore the Advertising Toolkit for AI Fairness 360

  • The Advertising Toolkit for AI Fairness 360 is an open-source collection of metrics, algorithms and fairness explainers. Access the Toolkit for free.

Benefits of taking the Pledge and exploring the Toolkit include: 

  • Align with an industry movement to preserve, protect, and build consumer trust.
  • Elevate brand recognition and commitment to create a better future for the industry.
  • Amplify your organization’s efforts to support awareness and mitigate bias in advertising.

Organizations that have committed to the Pledge


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