2018 Winter Weather Forecast Outlook

By IBM Watson Advertising

We know that weather has a dramatic impact on consumer spending, and winter weather in particular can have a major impact on shopping behaviors. Having a weather strategy that includes weather data can help marketers deliver their message when consumer needs and mindset are predictable, before, during, and after forecasted winter weather.

Our forecast data shows that marketers can expect the following weather for the remainder of December 2017, and through Q1 2018:

December ’17:

  • Expect an extended period of colder-than-normal weather in the eastern US for at least the next 2 weeks
  • Light snow events will be common in the Northeast
  • An unusually warm/dry pattern will continue in the western US

January ’18:

  • Below normal temperatures will continue in the north-central and Great Lakes states, with above-normal temperatures elsewhere, especially in the south-central US (Texas)
  • Expect higher precipitation levels than normal in the northeastern quarter of the US, and below normal elsewhere

February ’18:

  • Colder than normal weather will shift to the northwestern quarter of the country, with warmer-than-normal temperatures becoming more prevalent in the South and East
  • In terms of precipitation, it will be wetter-than-normal across the northern US, and drier-than-normal in the South

March ’18:

  • Expect below-normal temperatures across the northern US, especially the Northwest, with above-normal temperatures again expected in the South.
  • Dryness will also continue in the South, with above-normal precipitation across the northern states.

As the most trusted news brand in America, and with the most downloaded weather app in the world, Watson Advertising can help brands translate weather data into actionable insights.

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