• Watson Advertising uses DFP Premium to serve all mobile ad units.
  • The Google AdMob AdsSDK is used, which allows for MRAID accessibility.
  • Please send both standard and high-definition sizes (example: 320×50 and 640×100 must both be sent for an iPhone ad).
  • Third-party ad tags on mobile must automatically determine whether to serve standard or Hi-Def creative.
  • Due to inventory and optimization policies, The Weather Company will not run one tag for standard (ie: 320×50) and one tag for Hi-Def (ie: 640×100).
  • Watson Advertising reserves the right to suspend a creative and/or campaign if our users are at risk.
  • Brand Effects Studies require custom code when 3rd-party served.


  • A 1px border is required, or the ad must be clearly defined within the allowable ad space.
  • Ads cannot be designed to blend into app or page content.
  • Ads may not blink, shake, flicker or flash in a disruptive manner.
  • Ads may not falsify information or mislead users; they must reflect the service or product being advertised.
  • Ads must have a clear click-through when clicking to an application, call, or other direct action.
  • Creatives cannot include inaccurate weather imagery or imitate weather content.
  • Creatives should have a clean aesthetic look with core focus on imagery over text.
  • Disruptive designs intended only to attract attention using inappropriate imagery, revealing imagery is not allowed.
  • The look and feel of the ad cannot match any device’s alert scheme (such as an iOS pop-up)

Mobile RM Guidelines

  • All expanding ad units must be user-initiated.
  • Out-of-banner ad units must have a clearly recognizable close button.
  • All rich media ads must have a fallback static creative.
  • Audio and video must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button.
  • A Z-Index less than 95000 is required for anything out of banner.
  • Tablet web browsers (such as iPad Safari) will resolve to Please follow web adspecs for those units.
  • The action of tapping on an ad must not initiate an application download. It may, however, launch the device’s app store and take the user directly to the product.


  • Watson Advertising uses DFP Premium for Ad Serving.
  • Ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked.
  • All swf files must include a default gif, jpg, or png file.


  • All ads are subject to review and we reserve the right to terminate any campaign.
  • HTML5 Creative must be 3rd party served.
  • All 3rd party tags and 1×1 tracking must be HTTPS-compliant (secure), except for landing pages nested within 3rd-party redirects—These can be HTTP.
  • Competitive weather data may not be used in creative display or backend serving logic.
  • A 1px border is required, or the ad must be clearly defined within the allowable ad space.
  • A Z-Index less than 11000 is required for anything out of banner.
  • Ads cannot be designed to blend into page content.
    Ads may not blink, shake, flicker or flash in a disruptive manner.
  • Clicks must spawn a new browser window unless the user is interacting with the ad itself (ie: mini-games, expand/collapse).
  • The action of clicking on an ad must not initiate an application download.
  • Ad cannot match the MS Windows Alert scheme or misrepresent a user’s prompts as an ad. False functionality (a.k.a. fake buttons) are prohibited.
  • Interstitials are not allowed on our platforms. Out of banner creative must be served from the top 300 position.
  • The Weather Company supports IE 11+.
  • The Weather Company reserves the right to suspend a creative and/or campaign if our users are at risk.
  • Advertisers must attach notices to advertisements to make clear that they are interest-based (e.g. by using an “Ad Choices” icon).

Flash Requirements

  • A default GIF will be served to browsers that do not have a compatible Flash plug-in.
  • All creatives must be designed with a solid background color to avoid unwanted color conflicts with the displaying page.
  • Flash SWF file needs to be exported as version 11.0 or below.
  • Frame Rate: 24 frames per second.
  • Hard-coded URLs are not allowed.
  • Third-party-served Flash ads must be have a wmode set to “opaque” in their object/embed code.
  • Watson Advertising uses clickTag for our click macro.

Publisher Sourcing Disclosures

The following data applies to the US only.

% Paid Traffic by Quarter:

  • Q2 2018: 6.1%
  • Q3 2018: 8%
  • Q4 2018: 10.5%

The Weather Channel website does pay to source visits through third parties. A visit is considered “acquired through paid sources” if the first page view is from a paid source. A visit is determined to be from a paid source based only on attributes collected during that visit. Below you’ll find the percentage of total visits that are generated through those paid sources.