Our solutions

IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting

IBM Watson Advertising’s flagship real-time weather targeting solution.

IBM Watson Advertising Social Targeting with Influential

Leverage the most advanced AI technology to select influencers, inform content and strategy, and deliver higher engagement, sentiment and ROI.  

IBM Watson Advertising Predictive Audiences

Go deeper with AI to reach consumers who may look nothing alike but exhibit similar behaviors.

IBM Watson Advertising COVID-19 Triggers

Reach your consumers with relevant messaging, based on increasing or decreasing rates of COVID-19 using proven targeting/triggering methodology.

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator

A new offering that continuously learns and predicts the optimal combination of creative and copy elements to help drive the highest engagement and conversion for a given audience.*

IBM Watson Advertising Conversations

IBM Watson Advertising’s award-winning AI-powered advertising solution that enables brands to have intelligent, personalized 1:1 conversations with consumers.

IBM Watson Advertising Conversations Builder

Create more engaging ads with Watson-powered conversations.

The Weather Channel

Engage habitual users in a brand-safe environment via personalized experiences including dynamic creative, programmatic, video, and sponsorships and tools.

Converging headwinds

Recent world events have shifted consumer behaviors and forced businesses to rethink how they work and engage.

Compounding those challenges, the advertising industry is facing other headwinds like increased demands for consumer privacy which has led to mounting regulatory pressures, new policies and businesses making pivots that put consumer privacy at their core.

We believe the industry needs a new and better way forward that is brand, publisher and privacy-first, grounded in real data, and ultimately helps achieve faster and more impressive results based on consumer intent across all digital channels.

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AI advertising

Today, while many companies are using AI, less than a quarter are using the full scope of AI capabilities.

We estimate there’s even less adoption within the advertising industry, which has primarily used AI to automate media buying and selling - only tapping into a fraction of its potential. With upcoming changes to mobile identity and third-party cookies, AI’s cookie-less data processing and machine learning capabilities can help solve problems across the industry.

Why IBM?

IBM has been around for more than a century. We’ve seen our share of industry disruptions, and we run towards them.

We’ve helped numerous industries – from Security to Healthcare to Financial Services – use AI to make decisions and drive growth. These industries have turned to us because of our privacy-first, unbiased, and open solutions and leadership in AI tech.

And now, IBM has brought AI to the advertising industry through IBM Watson Advertising’s expanded suite of open, unbiased, and cookie- and identifier-free AI solutions, and partnerships with leading distribution players.

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Watson Advertising’s commitment

IBM Watson Advertising is committed to:

  1. ensuring brands and publishers can use data meaningfully in a cookie-less future,
  2. opening up our technology by working with the most important independent players - DSPs, publishers, SSPs, innovators, and more - to forge mutually beneficial partnerships that allow partners to tap into our 1st party data and AI-powered solutions, and
  3. helping to re-establish trust, privacy, security, and transparency in the advertising industry.

The result

The result is faster, more accurate decisions based on consumer intent.

  • With IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator, brands have experienced a minimum of a 25% increase in performance from the beginning to the end of campaigns, along with a 10% lift in site visits after one week.
  • With IBM Watson Advertising Social Targeting with Influential, brands have seen unprecedented 100% positive sentiment scores among users and an increase in ROAS compared to social benchmarks.
  • With IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting, clients have seen CTR on search campaigns increase by 309% vs benchmark, driven more efficient coupon downloads on social media, and increased sales by 2.4%.

Source: Success stories from participating clients and agencies

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*Accelerator collects information about consumers who access advertising and other content through its technology partner Artsai. You can view the Artsai Privacy Policy here: https://artsai.com/privacy (link resides outside of IBM.com).

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