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Trusted, insight-driven solutions that can be deployed across a brand's entire marketing strategy to help drive results.

The Weather Channel

Engage habitual users in a brand-safe environment via personalized experiences including dynamic creative, programmatic, video, and sponsorships and tools.

IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting

IBM Watson Advertising’s flagship real-time weather targeting solution.


Understand your ideal consumer better than before with IBM Watson Advertising’s audience-derived location targeting platform.

IBM Predictive Audiences

Go deeper with AI to reach consumers who may look nothing alike but exhibit similar behaviors.

IBM Watson Ads

IBM Watson Advertising’s award-winning AI-powered advertising solution that enables brands to have intelligent, personalized 1:1 conversations with consumers.

IBM Watson Ads Builder

Create more engaging ads with Watson-powered conversations.

IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson

A new offering that continuously learns and predicts the optimal combination of creative and copy elements to help drive the highest engagement and conversion for a given audience.

IBM Watson Advertising Social Targeting with Influential

Leverage the most advanced AI technology to select influencers, inform content and strategy, and deliver higher engagement, sentiment and ROI.  

IBM Watson Advertising COVID-19 Triggers

Reach your consumers with relevant messaging, based on increasing or decreasing rates of COVID-19 using proven targeting/triggering methodology.

About Us

IBM Watson Advertising uses the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology to unlock data and insights and help marketers make better decisions.
We offer trusted, insight-driven solutions that can be deployed across a brand's entire marketing strategy to help drive results.

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We Live in an AI-Powered World

New customer needs and expectations have forced brands to rethink how they engage. AI has also teased a future full of exciting transformations for marketers such as better campaign analytics, hyper-personalization, and predictive audiences.

Businesses using AI to unlock data are influencing sales, engaging the customer better, boosting operations, and generating insights – all by more than 10%.

But adoption is slow. Challenges include concerns over data safety, lack of a playbook on how to incorporate AI into one’s job, concerns about replacing human capital, and lastly, no singular definition of what AI is.

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Enter IBM Watson

Watson is AI tech that has been designed to solve today’s data challenges and empower smarter business. It does this by understanding, reasoning and learning from all data and facilitating increasingly natural interactions with humans.

Watson empowers smarter business because:

  • It takes a client-first approach: Clients build and train their own AI so data stays proprietary and secure
  • It has proven AI capabilities: Leading capabilities in language, vision, speech, emotional reasoning are based on decades of research and proven results for clients
  • It is open to the world: Anyone can access the APIs for a fee, and use them to develop innovative solutions
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Your Trusted AI Partner

Just like how Watson is being used to solve key challenges across industries, IBM Watson Advertising is leveraging its unique heritage of innovation and trust to bring AI to advertising.

The result is trusted, insight-driven solutions, that brands can leverage across their entire marketing strategy to help save time, money and build more meaningful customer connections. Whether it’s helping…

  • A leading Retail brand tripled performance from the beginning to the end of their campaign.
  • A leading Pharma brand boost purchase intent by 6% by taking advantage of Watson’s ability to analyze massive quantities of health related content and find correlations between weather and relevant symptoms.
  • Or Hulu exceed industry interaction benchmarks and generate valuable insights by leveraging Watson Ads to engage consumers in a 1:1 dialogue, uncover viewing preferences and serve up relevant content.

Source: Success stories from participating clients and agencies

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