Watson Analytics for non-for-profit organizations


The power of cognitive computing–what some call the "most disruptive in the history of IT"–is available to not-for-profit organizations at no charge.

A no-charge trial of IBM® Watson™ Analytics can now be used by anyone at a not-for-profit organization to design more effective programs, track donors, attract volunteers, and more.

Having gained famed on the quiz show Jeopardy!, today Watson and Watson Analytics are delivering insights across numerous industries, including healthcare, insurance and education. And those benefits now extend to the nonprofit sector, where the pressure for growth and effectiveness is just as challenging as in the for-profit world.

With Watson Analytics, any staff member with no training in data science or analytics can ask natural language questions against their organization's data for smart data discovery, analysis and visualization.

A 30-minute webcast and demo of Watson Analytics is available to help better understand its power. The webcast shows capabilities that the volunteer coordinator at a not-for-profit agency might use, including a scenario to increase volunteer engagement and how to package results for effective decision-making.

Here's how you can help your organization:

  1. Prepare: register and watch the Watson Analytics webcast to learn more

  2. Deliver: help your agency sign-up for the trial

  3. Support: work with your agency to define a project for Watson Analytics, report results and scale up

For more information about Watson Analytics for not-for-profits, contact lairdmar@us.ibm.com

In the no-charge trial version of Watson Analytics, organizations can upload spreadsheets, get visualizations, discover insights and build dashboards. After the trial, organizations can access a "freemium" version, or see if they quality for access to the professional edition of Watson Analytics though an IBM Impact Grant–visit http://ibm.biz/WAGrant or email ibmgrant@us.ibm.com