Key features of IBM Z Service Automation Suite

System automation

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IBM Z System Automation provides a policy-based, self-healing, high-availability solution to optimize efficiency and availability of critical systems and applications. It is designed to reduce administrative and operational tasks, customization and programming effort, and automation implementation time and costs associated with Parallel Sysplex® automation and policy-based automation.

Network and systems management

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IBM Z NetView® provides automation and network and systems management to address your requirements for business agility on IBM Z. Key capabilities and advanced functions include networking and automation, enhanced enterprise integration, customer time-to-value, and ease of use.

Workload scheduling

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IBM Z Workload Scheduler provides the infrastructure to help automate the execution of batch and near real-time workloads and activities that are running in support of business services.

Management dashboards

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IBM Service Management Unite provides a customizable management dashboard bringing mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment. It helps you triage alerts and take corrective action, including issuing system commands and viewing results, without going to a different console. Manage workload scheduler jobs and system automation resources directly together with automation policies and resources.

Increased efficiency

The suite will enable you to improve resource utilization and personnel interaction for better synergy and efficiency. You will also be able to reduce outages, delays and the meantime to the correction of complex problems.

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