Simple data security for a complex cloud world

Many cloud data sources come with security controls that only monitor that individual source. This fragments visibility, putting data privacy, security, and compliance at risk. With Guardium Insights, adapt and scale as multicloud environments change and grow by centralizing data security, reducing time to compliance, and understanding risky user behaviors across data sources to support a zero trust approach. Built on containerized architecture, Guardium Insights is a lightweight-but-powerful platform that can flexibly deploy wherever an organization needs - aligning to data security goals without hindering business objectives in the cloud.
Screen shot of Guardium Insights Dashboard

Accelerated Compliance

Automated compliance audit and reporting processes can help reduce hours spent preparing for and performing an audit by 75%.

Intelligent Action

Centralized data security visibility and advanced analytics help identify data risks faster and share insights across security teams, helping to reduce the likelihood of a data breach by 40%.

Deployable Anywhere

34% of organizations use two cloud sources. 11% use more than three. Guardium Insights, deployed in Kubernetes containers, can scale and adapt to match that growth.

Key Features

  • Centralized monitoring across the hybrid multicloud
  • Advanced analytics to identify, analyze, and score risks
  • Automated workflows and long-term storage to meet compliance
  • Modernized architecture for flexible deployment and scaling
  • Integration with mission critical security and IT tools
  • Fast reporting to understand trends and notify stakeholders