Step 1: Learn what IBM Business Automation Workflow can do

Automate end-to-end workflows on a single platform

You can increase productivity and improve customer experience when you automate workflows, including business processes and case work. When you use a single automation platform for workflows, you can quickly scale your business. This demonstration shows how IBM Business Automation Workflow enables collaboration, integrates with content management, and provides analytics to automate and optimize end-to-end workflows.

Step 2: See process and case management in action

Orchestrate and sequence human and automated activities

See how to manage individual processes and end-to-end cases with IBM Business Automation Workflow on the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. During this tour you’ll be guided to:

  • Open and review the case
  • Run the Verify Identity structured process
  • Review unstructured content
  • Track end-to-end case history

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Step 3: Get hands-on experience with a new process

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Build and run a process application 

In this tutorial you'll assume the role of process developer to create a totally new process application. You'll explore key capabilities as you learn how to:

  • Build a process from scratch using the Web Process Designer
  • Use reusable process artifacts via toolkits
  • Define business objects and activities as part of your process
  • Use coaches and reusable coach views to build UIs for your process participants
  • Test and run the process using different user roles

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Step 4: Run and enhance a case solution

Enhance, update, test and review an existing case

This tutorial provides a tour of an existing retail banking case solution, and leads you to explore the relevant capabilities of Business Automation Workflow. You’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance an existing case solution
  • Add and update roles, tasks and case types
  • Iteratively test changes to a case solution
  • Review case history

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Next Steps

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Tools that complement and enhance IBM Business Automation Workflow

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IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business

An integrated platform that helps business users automate all aspects of business operations at speed and scale, while providing real-time insight into the business.

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IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere

Powerful automation capabilities to make your RPA bots smarter, more agile and better able to help you achieve your business objectives.

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IBM Operational Decision Manager

A comprehensive decision automation platform that helps you discover, capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions.