Application integration unlocks the value of your systems and your data by connecting business applications, integrating data, building APIs and acting on events.

For more than 20 years, leaders of global enterprises across all industries and verticals have trusted IBM® App Connect to integrate and automate.

Do more with your apps and data — and do it fast. Integrate it, build APIs with it and act on it.

Integrate apps and data

Automatically copy and synchronize data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, without worrying about mismatched sources, formats and standards. For example, your business may need to sync customer data between an SaaS CRM system and an on-premises database.

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Build APIs

Reliably access, transform and combine data assets across all your enterprise applications, databases and systems and expose them as APIs. For example, your business may need to provide an API to a business partner that collects product detail information and current inventory to allow the partner to confidently complete an order.

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Act on events

Quickly recognize when events occur in source applications across your ecosystem to immediately trigger the right business actions. For example, you may need to monitor for a particular change to the status of a customer case to trigger a business unit to engage in the next level of service to the customer.

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Make work easier with templates. Templates are prebuilt flows for common patterns that you can use to get value immediately.

Accelerate your work with prebuilt connectors

Build integration flows in minutes starting with IBM’s catalog of connectors.

Powerful integration

Work across infrastructures

Configuration-based tooling creates easy integration

Solve challenging integrations

Mix and match capabilities for various integrations

Deploy solutions anywhere

Use as a managed service or deploy in any environment


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