How IBM Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite works

Built on a leading intelligence-based cybersecurity platform

IBM Trusteer Fraud Protection Suite provides a leading intelligence-based cybersecurity platform for financial fraud designed to help organizations stop malware and phishing-driven fraud, prevent account takeover attacks and control and mitigate digital channels risk. Read the white paper to learn more.

Help differentiate between true users and fraudsters

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps protect digital channels against account takeover, fraudulent transactions and can detect end user devices infected with high risk malware. It incorporates behavioral biometrics capabilities, using patented analytics and machine learning for real-time cognitive fraud detection.

Authenticate and enforce internal procedures

Organizations can receive authentication, enforcement of internal procedure and security policy management through integration with IBM Access Manager. It enables organizations to create and enforce threat-aware access policies across channels, based on actual risk to the organization. Access Manager is available separately.

Prevent malware and phishing attacks

IBM Trusteer Rapport helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most financial fraud. It also helps financial institutions maximize protection of their customers, achieve sustainable fraud prevention and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Remove existing financial malware from infected endpoints

IBM Trusteer Rapport for Mitigation provides financial institution end users with an easier way to clean their malware-infected machines. It investigates, remediates, blocks and removes dangerous man-in-the-browser (MitB) financial malware from infected devices and offers immediate recommendations when faced with malware.

Detect malware-infected devices and determine risk

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition detects malware-infected devices and determines both the nature of the threat and the potential risk. Organizations receive alerts when malware-infected devices are accessing their websites and can take action to prevent potential fraud.

Integrate fraud protection with user access management

IBM Risk Based Authentication Solution integrates IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect and IBM Access Manager to help block fraudulent and high-risk transactions. It does this without having to modify existing backend applications. The solution combines transparent evidence-based fraud protection and user access management—all in real time.

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Technical details

Software requirements

None required.

    Hardware requirements

    None required.

      Technical specifications

      There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud-based solution. From an end-user perspective, recent versions of popular browsers and operating systems are supported. Please view the link for more information about Trusteer supported platforms.

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