How can Rhapsody Design Manager help my business?

IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager is collaborative design management software built on the IBM Jazz™ platform that helps design team members and stakeholders share, trace, review and manage designs.

  • Work seamlessly with analysts, developers and testers. Make designs first-class artifacts in your lifecycle projects.
  • Generate customized design documents from a template or create your own documents.
  • Collaborate on your designs with other users or experts by using threaded comments, design mark-up and automated design reviews.

Improve data handling

Store, share, search and manage designs and models using a central system repository with web-based access.

Collaborate more effectively

Suppliers, customers, contractors and other extended stakeholders can easily access information through a web client.

Automate design reviews

Allow stakeholders to facilitate the communication of requirements, speed decision making and improve quality.

Streamline reporting

Create comprehensive documentation for specifications, communication, compliance and reporting.

Rhapsody Model Manager Features

  • Central design storage
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Design reviews
  • Multi-discipline document generation and reporting