Feature spotlights

Combines IBM predictive analytics software

Includes SPSS Statistics for in-depth statistical analysis and reporting, and SPSS Modeler for predictive modeling and optimizing how rules and models drive operational decisions. Also includes SPSS Analytic Server for accessing big data from sources such as Hadoop to broaden analytical possibilities, and SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services with real-time scoring for centralizing, securing and automating analytical assets and providing up-to-the minute predictive scores.

Addresses broad business needs and skillsets

Integrates the full set of predictive analytics and deployment capabilities needed to optimize decision-making at the point of impact. Includes a visual approach, allowing business users and executives to use predictive intelligence to inform decisions. Enables business managers to identify factors influencing customers and their relationships, without the need for programming or deep statistical knowledge. Offers non-intrusive integration with operational systems to ease deployment.

Supports multiple data sources and environments

Accesses virtually any data source, including Hadoop for big data, and format (structured and unstructured). Combines predictive analytics with business rules in multiple operational environments.

Provides flexible deployment options

Scales to meet your needs for an analytical center of excellence or for operational functions. Accommodates single or multiple line-of-business functions, and offers deployment and configuration options to support multiple business use cases.

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