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IBM SPSS Direct Marketing enables you to conduct advanced analysis of your customers or contacts to help improve your results. Choose from recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) analysis, cluster analysis, prospect profiling, postal code analysis, propensity scoring and control package testing. Understand your customers in greater depth, improve marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget. Use it to launch or test campaigns, increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue, or open a store.

This module is included in the SPSS Premium package. Available at an additional cost for the Base, Standard and Professional packages.

Better classify customers

Classify customers and prospects based on identifying characteristics such as: age, marital status, job function and where they live. Then, segment prospects or customers into clusters.

Compare campaign performance

Test existing campaigns against new campaigns, collect your data and run a control package test. Use color coding to quickly determine which test package would outperform your control package.

Create responder profiles

Generate profiles of those who responded to test campaigns. Use the prospect profiling tool to pinpoint specific characteristics in the data, such as age, marital status and job functions.

Target key customers

Generate propensity-to-purchase scores and focus on customers most likely to respond to campaigns or offers. Generate XML files to score other data. Eliminate less active customers from your list.

Analyze by postal code

Identify postal codes with high rates of response to your marketing campaigns. Even find the best location for adding an agency or a brick-and-mortar store.

Refine lists of individuals

Use the scoring interface to write RFM scores, prospect profiles and response rates back to existing or new data sets. Build targeted lists and adapt marketing strategies for each customer group.

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Technique selection
Technique selection
Frequency table output
Frequency table output
Response rate and contact graphs
Response rate and contact graphs

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