Plan, execute and report on audits across your organization

OpenPages Internal Audit Management helps to automate internal auditing procedures and adds efficiencies and standardization to the assessment of risk and compliance performance, which are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit processes, while it helps you maintain independence and objectivity. OpenPages Internal Audit Management enables auditors to automate and manage internal audits and conduct broader risk and compliance management activities.

Audit planning

Supports top-down and bottom-up approaches to risk assessment and creation of multiple-year audit plans.

Workpaper management

Maintains a centralized library of electronic workpapers, and automates workpaper review and approval.

Time and expense recording

Manages auditor time and expenses to avoid versioning conflicts and promote consistency.

Audit reporting and wrap up

Provides insight into issues, findings and results from overall internal audit report.

Key features

  • Audit planning and automation
  • Authoring and approvals
  • Analysis and insight
  • Reporting and findings

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