Feature spotlights

Simplify app development

Create improved app experiences in a safe environment using popular development tools for the latest generation of mobile devices. This software allows you to build, enhance and continuously deploy to multiple devices while creating mobile and omni-channel applications. You can build with Xcode, Android Studio and Mobile Studio and accelerate development with support for the latest iOS, Android, Windows, mobile and desktop environments and develop in native, Cordova or Xamarin.

Optimize and streamline processes

Tailor app behavior to users, run A/B testing, dynamically toggle features and run dark launches. You can configure backend logic for non-developers to change front-end behavior live without recompile, and employ Live Update to tailor app behavior to a user profile. Use Direct Update to push over-the-air changes to front-end web resources. Use Provision Cloud or on-premises environments to improve start time. You can build a DevOps pipeline to speed updates and avoid human mistakes.

Use app troubleshooting and problem determination

Enable app and API performance analysis to uncover where your apps crash and which APIs slow them down. You can employ crash log collection and on-device troubleshooting to determine root-cause analysis of problems with the app and the back-end. Now you can configure threshold-based alerts to stay ahead of problems, prevent data leakage in the enterprise and create customized check points while you protect assets on mobile devices.

Identify habits from user data

Discover and understand your users better through dashboard views of app usage and report data. You can collect dozens of app usage metrics and create custom business metrics based on in-app usage events to help determine where to next invest in your app. Built-in flexible and interactive reports enable dashboard views of app usage, allowing you to drill down to details and identify trends. You can export data to business intelligence systems for long-term retention and additional analysis.

Deploy a rich, backend logic engine to extend capabilities

Write app business logic and expose them as REST API endpoints and document in Swagger to promote collaboration and to simplify testing. You can decouple security logic from business logic to reduce complexity of mobile security for app developers. Code in Java or JavaScript and run in scalable enterprise-grade clusters. Live Update allows you to sync app and UI with changes to backend without needing to recompile or redistribute the app. Use IBM API Connect to create reuse across channels.

Use essential backend services

Deploy unified Push Notifications service to deliver messages to multiple platforms with a single API. You can use the web console to send targeted messages and the publish/subscribe model to broadcast for more effective user engagement. Use encrypted on-device storage to protect data stored on the device and to improve app performance. Automated data synchronization allows you to access transactions offline.

A global partner network

IBM has a long history of working with business partners that understand the challenges of providing a safe and comprehensive mobile environment. IBM surrounds these partners with the right tools, training, expertise and support to help their clients become industry leaders in mobile cloud applications. Visit PartnerWorld to learn more and search for a MobileFirst partner near you.

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