What IBM Watson Talent Frameworks can do for your business

IBM® Watson® Talent Frameworks is a library of industry-specific job profiles that helps you define, develop and hire people with the skills you need. Key responsibilities, job level, core competencies, functional and technical skills for the roles, interview questions, coaching tips, SMART goals and prescriptive learning suggestions help you find and develop the right candidates. IBM Watson Talent Frameworks ensures you have the right skills to improve customer satisfaction, increase operational success and maximize sales growth — as well as the ability to innovate and compete.

Attract better candidates

Set expectations about who will be successful in the job beyond the job description.

Hire better faster

Get the analysis and support you need to identify required skills and make informed decisions for hiring, learning and workforce optimization.

Increase ROI

Focus on engaging employees and managers through your existing talent management tools with a common, content-rich experience.

Get real results

Achieve better business results by defining and identifying the right skills needed by your organization.

Empower management

Support managers with the tools and resources they need for better candidate interviewing, career development and performance evaluation — as well as employee management and compensation discussions.

Impact the bottom line

Save time and money by rapidly deploying a skills-based culture more efficiently and effectively without having to develop your own content from scratch.

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks gives you...

  • Comprehensive industry and role content
  • Platform compatible with your HR application
  • Regular updates
  • Job and skills taxonomy
  • Trusted source of curated skills data
  • Simple licensing
  • Consulting services

Which option is right for you?

  • Free Trial

    Register to download sample job profile(s) at no charge.

  • Individual Job Profiles

    This plan provides job profiles for specific roles in Customer Service, Sales, Retail, Hospitality (Food & Lodging) and Supply Chain/Distribution.

  • Enterprise Plans

    Provides access to software and job profiles in 16 industries! This option is best suited for hiring and developing talent across multiple departments.

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