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IBM Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS)

See how IBM® Managed Platform as a Service addresses a client’s provisioning, configuration and scaling challenges.

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IMI – Orchestration as a Service

Obtain agile infrastructure platforms in hours through IBM® Integrated Managed Infrastructure – Orchestration as a Service.

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Navigating your Digital Transformation with IBM IMI Services

IMI delivers the key capabilities you need to design, build and manage your hybrid infrastructure.

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IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services with Vmware

IMI is the engine that optimizes, orchestrates and manages your infrastructure at any location, across any providers.

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IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services Overview

7 key attributes of IMI enable powerful management capability for clients.

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Bidco Africa Limited

Improving IT capacity and ROI with an IBM infrastructure management solution.

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Managed Services for Public Cloud

IMI helps accelerating business agility, performance and innovation with management services for hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Managed Services for Public Cloud: One Size Does Not Fit All

Explore eight reasons why your organization should consider adopting managed services.

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