Advantages of IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services

Get your monitoring and management services from one source

IBM® Integrated Managed Infrastructure Services provides a single-source managed services solution. You get a single point of contact for technical queries and ongoing support provided through customizable service packages as you only pay for the services you need. These services help you manage your cloud and hybrid IT environment more efficiently, and improve availability. It keeps your assets within your premises, in the IBM Cloud® infrastructure or in any 3rd party clouds.

IMI modular and pay-per-use manage service.

IMI modular and pay-per-use manage services for public cloud platforms, enables you to design, build and manage hybrid environments running on any platform, by any cloud provider, at any location. It offers different approach to manage traditional workloads, dynamic workloads that are short lived and immutable workloads that are destroyed and created on any issues. Meet security and audit requirements needing the right level of logging, audit trails and health checks implementation.

Choose from a wide variety of services

Pick from a suite of various customizable services to help monitor and manage your cloud and traditional IT environment. Our remote infrastructure management services help you reduce downtime, scale operations and improve application availability while keeping your assets within your premises, on IBM Cloud or on other public clouds. You get advanced automation and analytics to manage critical infrastructure components in more than 400 worldwide data centers.

Solution for managing 3rd party public clouds

In addition to traditional and private cloud, IMI provides the best solution for managing third-party public clouds through a combination of cloud-native and IBM tools. Public clouds are on demand consumption driven through automation and instant scalability suited for dynamic workloads. Challenges faced by enterprises in adopting public clouds vary from defining and deploying the tools, processes and operational model for their workloads to optimization of cost, performance and security.

Use only the services that best meet your needs

IBM Cloud Private enable clients to modernize applications by containerization to help Enterprise IT meet business expectations of faster release cycles and reduced operations cost while keeping data on premise to meet regulatory requirements. IMI managed services helps clients to focus on developing business applications by performing operational task of keeping platform compliant and running optimally, thereby enabling true Container as a Service (CaaS) model on premise.

Rely on in-depth IBM expertise

Skilled IBM professionals focus on end-to-end infrastructure management, security and regulatory and compliance requirements. We can simplify IT management through automation and streamlined workflow and support structures. You get increased IT efficiency and reduced downtime through advanced monitoring, management and reporting tools. With strong ties to IBM research, we continue to improve assets and tools to help deliver managed services more efficiently.

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