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Watson for Drug Discovery is a cloud-based, cognitive solution that analyzes scientific knowledge and data to reveal known and hidden connections that can help increase the likelihood of scientific breakthroughs. The platform allows researchers to generate new hypotheses with the help of dynamic visualizations, evidence-backed predictions and natural language processing trained in the life sciences domain. It is used for both new drug target identification and drug repurposing.
IBM Watson for Drug Discovery

Scalable knowledge

IBM Watson for Drug Discovery has the ability to synthesize massive datasets in both tabular and unstructured formats to unearth insights at a scale beyond what is manually possible.

Predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics leverages machine learning to evaluate and learn through reasoning algorithms and generate novel hypotheses for further evaluation.

Dynamic visualization

Dynamic visualizations enable researchers to see connections, identify properties of interest, and quickly drill down to supporting evidence.

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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  • Standard

    Get visualizations and predictions backed by passage-level evidence drawn from a wide set of public and licensed content.

  • Dedicated

    Get all the features of Standard plus the ability to leverage private content in a dedicated instance.

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