Open, review, mark up and redact content in your browser

IBM® Daeja ViewONE® provides a consistent viewing experience for a wide variety of content formats that enables users to open, review, mark up and redact content without requiring the use of expensive native applications. Daeja ViewONE works on desktops, web and mobile applications. Save time and money while improving content quality by providing a fast and consistent way to look at different content types such as TIFF, PDF and Microsoft Office-based files. Enables safe and easy content annotation without altering the original source file. Offers a wide variety of configurations. Uses role-based redaction to protect sensitive data.

Delivers consistent viewing

Empower content collaborators with a document viewing solution that provides a consistent user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

Annotate and redact

Quickly and easily collaborate on documents with annotations that can give immediate user feedback. Enable role-based redaction to hide sensitive information to ensure security of personal data.

Supports numerous document types

Takes the guess work out of identifying which native app opens what document format. Supports numerous document types with add-on modules enabling quick collaboration using only one application.

Integrates into enterprise applications

Provides a powerful and efficient document viewing solution that easily integrates into a variety of enterprise applications. Enhance your ECM solutions with a premier document viewing tool.

Provides role-based redaction

Enable documents to be redacted automatically based on the role of the requester, blocking out information according to a user's specifications.

Ability to split and merge documents

Dynamically work with documents at the page level through the document life cycle.

Five compelling reasons why you need IBM Daeja ViewONE

  • Improve team performance by simplifying document viewing
  • Use powerful and intuitive tools
  • Energize team collaboration
  • Protect sensitive data with role-based redaction
  • Reduce IT costs

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