Improve IT efficiency in your healthcare environment

IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions provide healthcare organizations with a single point of contact for managing a secure healthcare digital environment, including hardware, software, communication & collaboration tools, & more. These solutions can improve your IT environment availability & generate IT support efficiencies, while complying with regulations. Relieve your staff of the burden of IT support so they can concentrate on critical healthcare activities. Stay ahead of support problems that could hamper IT service delivery or cause an outage.

Benefit from integrated support

Use a fully integrated solution, across your entire IT infrastructure, for flexible, customizable maintenance and support.

Gain IBM IT and healthcare expertise

Turn to IBM for decades of IT support management experience to improve patient services and lower your IT support costs.

Increase Availability

Limit the impact of IT issues on your business with flexible services focused on IT performance to maximize availability.

Reduce support costs

Manage end-of-life products in a cost-effective way to avoid capital expenditures and enable predictable costs.

Support healthcare IT manufacturers

Take advantage of new support technologies and a single point of contact so you can focus on further innovation.

Eight good reasons to use these healthcare services

  • Bolster availability management
  • Enhance hardware and software delivery and support
  • Optimize reporting and invoicing
  • Manage warranties more efficiently
  • Improve lifecycle maintenance
  • Streamline vendor management
  • Enrich inventory and asset management
  • Control change management