Key features

Ultra-low latency

The IBM FlashCore® innovations that power IBM FlashSystem 900 include a hardware-accelerated NVM architecture with essentially no software in the data path. This drives consistent ultra-low latency, high I/O’s per second, and high bandwidth even while compressing data. For business-critical applications this means lower response times, faster batch processes, and highly scalable analytics solutions.

IBM FlashCore technology

IBM FlashCore technology refers to the IBM innovations that enable FlashSystem storage to deliver extreme performance, IBM MicroLatency®, enterprise-grade reliability, and a wide range of operational and cost efficiencies. These technologies and innovations are represented in the FlashCore hardware-accelerated architecture, IBM MicroLatency modules, and many other advanced flash management features and capabilities.

Inline hardware compression

IBM FlashSystem 900 utilizes innovative inline data compression technology implemented below the RAID level in each Microlatency module. The hardware-accelerated compression provides more consistent data reduction than ever before across an even wider range of workloads, without negatively impacting performance.

Up to 12 IBM MicroLatency modules

FlashSystem 900 includes up to 12 MicroLatency modules. These massively parallel flash arrays can provide up to 3x higher storage capacity than previous FlashSystem models. FlashSystem 900 can scale usable capacity from 14.4 TB to 180 TB (220 TB effective) in a single system. MicroLatency modules also support an off load AES-256 encryption engine, high-speed internal interfaces, and full hot-swap.

Five-nines availability

Utilize fully redundant, hot-swappable components and multiple RAID layers. The IBM FlashSystem 900 offers concurrent code upgrades to help maximize uptime and availability and supports tool-less front access to all components.

Enterprise-class, two-dimensional flash RAID technology

FlashSystem 900 uses enterprise-class, two-dimensional flash RAID technology, leveraging both Variable Stripe RAID and system-level RAID 5 to deliver five-nines availability. Variable Stripe RAID maintains system performance and capacity in the event of partial or full-flash chip failures, helping reduce downtime and delay system repairs. System-wide RAID 5 also helps prevent data loss and improves availability.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

Get the ultimate in flexibility with a new way to procure data capacity with instant-on access. This offering is unique because it allows you to predict monthly data capacity costs and pay only for the capacity you need, whether your data grows or shrinks. Drive new Capex costs over to the Opex line and save on the way. No need to over purchase or lease large amounts of capacity for "just in case" needs. Simply use the data that your business needs and this offering will take care of the rest.

ENERGY STAR® certified

The IBM FlashSystem 900 is Kroll Ontrack certified and ENERGY STAR certified. ENERGY STAR, managed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a voluntary program which sets energy efficiency and labeling requirements for different product types to identify and promote energy-efficient products.

Support for VMware environments

FlashSystem 900 helps improve storage efficiency in VMware environments by supporting the VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) UNMAP command, which improves performance and reclaims storage space. FlashSystem 900 also supports VMware vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA), fully integrating into VMware’s physical storage topology monitor, centralizing daily storage operations.

Encryption: local and SKLM

Each MicroLatency module at the heart of FlashSystem 900 supports an off-load AES-256 encryption engine for high performance, always-on data protection. The encryption technology includes a centralized backwards-compatible security key lifecycle manager (SKLM) that simplifies and automates the encryption key management process to help you meet regulations and data security standards, while minimizing risk and reducing the operational costs of encryption key management.

IBM FlashSystem 900 Data Sheet

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Customer case studies

  • Memorial Hermann Health System delivers better patient care

  • Royal Caribbean speeds ahead with IBM FlashSystem

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