Key features

IBM Flash Upgrade Program

Upgrade your all-flash array controllers after three years. The IBM Flash Upgrade Program covers the replacement with a next-generation control enclosure, excluding priced, optional features such as drives, adapters and cables. The delivery and setup of the new controllers will follow the standard ordering and installation process for the new controller. IBM will replace (with trade-in) controllers on all-flash arrays to equivalent next-generation controllers including NVME, if available.

All-flash Array High-Availability Guarantee

This high-availability guarantee is designed to eliminate IBM Storage system downtime worries. When you deploy a high-availability configuration utilizing IBM HyperSwap® with IBM System Lab Services, IBM offers zero interruption to data availability protection during the guarantee period.

IBM Data Reduction Guarantee

IBM guarantees storage savings of up to 80% and outstanding performance when you deploy compression. Get 2:1 sight unseen guarantee, or 5:1 with a validated workload.

IBM FlashCore® technology

IBM FlashCore technology provides consistent high performance, microsecond latency, enterprise-grade reliability and many operational and cost efficiencies. This innovative technology integrates a powerful, highly parallel architecture with industry-leading software-defined storage capabilities.

Integration of your existing storage environment

IBM FlashSystem V9000 can function as a feature-rich, software-defined storage layer that virtualizes and extends the functionality of managed storage. Because the storage is virtualized, volumes can be nondisruptively moved between external and internal storage capacity. This functionality enables agile integration into your existing storage environments with seamless data migration between IBM FlashSystem V9000 and legacy storage systems.

Effective storage management

Increase effective storage capacity using IBM Spectrum Virtualize compression technologies. Improve storage administrator productivity through automated on-demand storage provisioning.

Advanced copy services

IBM FlashSystem V9000 allows you to copy data across multiple storage systems synchronously and asynchronously with Metro Mirror and Global Mirror. IBM FlashCopy allows you to take independent and/or incremental snapshots of your data at regular intervals.

Business-critical reliability and availability

In addition to business-critical levels of reliability, FlashSystem V9000 allows you to operate in a highly available environment. IBM HyperSwap provides concurrent access to a single copy of data from data centers up to 300 km (186 miles) apart. Furthermore, a hot spare capability enables the system to switch to a standby engine very rapidly, restoring full redundancy and performance in seconds.

Data reduction options

Choose between inline hardware compression for ultra-high performance and IBM Real-time Compression for capacity-optimized workloads.

Technical specifications

• Tier 0 storage scalable from 14TB to 180TB, providing 28TB to 7.2PB effective storage capacity (using up to 80% compression) • Tier 1 storage scalable to 32PB • 1,300,000 IOPS, scalable to 5,200,000 IOPS (4k read miss) • 180 µs average read/write latency • 20 GB/s bandwidth, scalable to 80 GB/s • 128GB scalable to 2048GB of cache • For a complete list of technical specifications, see the page 3 of the data sheet

More details about IBM FlashSystem V9000

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Customer case studies

  • Case study image

    Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital optimizes use of physicians’ time to enrich patient care

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  • Case study image

    Racksquared, LLC delivers high-performance, low-cost, and future-proof cloud services

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