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A digital representation of a physical thing or a set of characteristics of a physical thing. A digital twin comes alive when combined with IoT technology.

Currently, an end user has to find or request digital twin content from vendors separately and may then spend over 20 hours manually entering data into enterprise asset management solutions. Users need an ecosystem to easily search and access resources related to their assets.

IBM Services and our vast Partner network offer digital transformation strategies to get clients up and running on the Digital Twin Exchange. Please reach out to to get started.

By listing their resources, these manufacturers and OEM's gain exposure to the Maximo install base as every Maximo client will have visibility into the marketplace. If an owner/operator is making a buying decision, the Exchange becomes a one stop shop to compare against multiple manufacturers.

There is a large variance in the types of content that owners and operators might find valuable when operating their businesses. Examples include, bill of materials, parts lists, user manuals, engineering manuals, fault codes, 2D/3D CAD files, AR/VR models, maintenance manuals and maintenance plans.

Digital twin resources related to mining, maritime, civil infrastructure, energy and utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and industrial/manufacturing industries.