What it can do for your business

IBM Content Navigator Pattern offers a pattern configuration of IBM Content Navigator. It is optimized to run in an IBM PureApplication Software environment. IBM Content Navigator is a web client that provides users with a console for working with content from multiple content servers. IBM Content Navigator also enables users to create custom views of the content on the web client by creating teamspaces, which provide a focused view of the relevant documents, folders, and searches that a team needs to complete their tasks.
IBM Content Navigator Pattern

Simplify installation

Optimized patterns accelerate time-to-value by eliminating manual steps and automating installation and configuration.

Focus on business innovation

Focus critical resources on value-add activities and business innovation, instead of installation and configuration.

Adapt to changing demand

Offers elastic scaling policies to automatically detect when the configuration capacity should be increased to meet increasing demands from your applications.

Reduce deployment time

Install and configure in hours using a pattern as opposed to days or weeks using traditional methods.