What can Artificial Intelligence do for security analysts?

Security analysts feel the pressures of data overload and are often unable to manage the enormous volume of incident alerts day-to-day. This leaves businesses vulnerable to unaddressed security threats. Enter QRadar Advisor with Watson. It applies artificial intelligence to automatically investigate indicators of compromise, utilizes cognitive reasoning to provide critical insights, and ultimately accelerates the response cycle. See how IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson can augment a security analyst to gain a head start in assessing incidents and reduce the risk of missing threats.

Accelerated Analysis

Automatically investigate an incident or anomaly to identify the likely threat. Quickly gather insights from millions of external sources and local data mining.

Intelligent Investigation

Apply cognitive reasoning to build relationships among discovered threat entities and get visibility into higher priority risks, critical systems impacted, insider threats, and more.

Faster Response

Use actionable information to make a decision on remediation. Ensure you don't miss incidents in the future by automatically adding discovered threat indicators to watch lists.

Key Features

  • Automated investigations of incidents
  • Artificial intelligence that reasons
  • Identification of high priority risks
  • Key insights on users and critical assets

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