What IBM CICS TX on Cloud can do for your business

IBM CICS TX on Cloud (CICS TX) is a mixed-language application server that provides cloud deployment options for suitable CICS applications.

Cloud strategy is the key initiative for businesses today - and IBM responds to that need. IBM CICS TX on Cloud enables cloud deployed CICS applications to elastically scale and respond to business needs in an agile manner.

IBM CICS TX on Cloud

Cloud experience for CICS workloads

You can deploy suitable CICS applications on a cloud platform and manage deployment and life cycle using Docker and K8s.

Simplified Devops

Containerization of CICS applications allows simplified CI/CD in Devops.


Enable horizontal scaling of CICS applications without requiring application changes using CICS Global resources capability.

High availability

Ensure high availability with zero downtime upgrades and rollbacks using helm charts and dynamic pod scaling capabilities of K8s.

Key features of IBM CICS TX on Cloud

  • Containerization of CICS online applications
  • Container orchestration using industry standard tools
  • Manage application clusters using helm charts
  • Monitor the experience in cloud
  • Scale CICS online applications
  • Integration with enterprise products

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