Deliver personalized promotions

To entice customers with relevant offers, you can use APIs (API lifecycle management and application and data integration capabilities) to unlock information from a variety of sources, including past purchases, geo-positioning data, seasonal trends and inventory. Rules determine if a customer event qualifies for a special promotion. If it does, the integration flow delivers the applicable promotion back to the customer’s phone.

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Send real-time alerts

Enhance your customer experience by sending event-driven alerts in real time so that customers receive relevant information immediately. Gain the ability to send event-based alerts and other new types of alerts without adding complexity and cost to your core system.

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Stream information in real time

Make decisions faster by receiving the right information faster. Gain the ability to capture and process objects, files, video and other data by pairing high-speed transfer capabilities with advanced enterprise messaging. You’ll be able to scale your data pipeline depending on your needs, so data can be sent at maximum speed regardless of size, distance and network conditions.

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