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Use cases of Cloud Pak for Integration

Drive new engagement models

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing a patient API integrating Twilio and Slack

Drive new engagement models

Follow a healthcare provider as it uses APIs and events to create differentiated experiences for patients.

Integrate more efficiently

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing trade show leads in Salesforce

Integrate more efficiently

See how a retail company uses AI-powered automation to develop new integrations faster while lowering costs.

Reduce security risks

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing development assembly

Reduce security risks

Learn how a bank begins its journey to hybrid cloud while minimizing business and security risks and continuing to meet compliance standards.

Benefits of automate cloud integration

Features of Cloud Pak for Integration

Accelerate automate cloud integration with a new agile and ai-powered approach

Specialized integration capabilities —for API management, application integration, messaging and more —are built on top of powerful automation services that underlie all four IBM CloudPaks for Automation. Get insight into how your processes run, visualize issues, pinpoint fixes and prioritize actions.


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We offer software, services and consulting — and it's all cloud-agnostic. Choose what works for you.

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Gain a security-rich path to the cloud by buying only what you need from this or other IBM Cloud Pak containerized software solutions.

Move forward with some help

Work alongside our experts to assess your portfolio, implement quick, agile change and set the course for your integration future.

Move forward by letting us do it for you

Focus on innovation and keep existing resources in place by letting our IBM Garage™ experts manage your ongoing integration needs.

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