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IBM Ventures

What is IBM Ventures?

IBM Ventures is IBM’s corporate venture investment arm, investing in select high-growth partners who are providing innovative technologies to the enterprise. We invest in early-stage enterprise software companies. By nature, we are thematic investors as we look to invest in startups relevant to the future of IBM. To us, that means investing in broad trends across data & AI, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and sustainability.

Who we are

An experienced team enabling founders through capital, access, expertise and partnership

We have a passionate and experienced team of investors and subject matter experts backed by more than 30 years of investing experience and more than 100 years of enterprise technology experience. At our core, we are laser-focused on investing in, partnering with and helping build the next generation of great enterprise technology companies.

Why partner with us

We are truly “capital plus”

Along with our investments, we bring the credibility of a 111-year-old brand, access to major clients, and the expertise of one of the most innovative companies in the world. If that isn’t enough, we have one of the world’s largest portfolio development teams on standby to help our portfolio companies grow. When we invest, we are in it for the long haul and we’re there to help our portfolio succeed.

IBM Ventures Leadership

Angie Grimm

Managing Partner and Head of IBM Ventures

Tom Whiteaker


IBM Ventures Team

Benjamin Daniels


Adarsh Sekhar

Partner, Alternative Structures

Austin Flon

Portfolio Development Leader

Caitlin Dullanty

Senior Associate

Dylan Gochie

Senior Associate

George Mina

Security Venture Champion

Hemanth Manda

Data & AI Venture Champion

David Farrell

Sustainability Venture Champion

Suhare Nur

Quantum Venture Champion

Brent Lorkovic


Active portfolio

Investing across cybersecurity, data and AI, quantum and sustainability

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