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Marketing services

Get expertise and use modern systems to understand markets, reach them, and win business

IBM Video Streaming

Stream live, and manage recorded video content. Cloud streaming platform for video hosting, transcoding, multi-platform playout, and analytics.

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Phytel Outreach

IBM® Phytel® Outreach delivers automated, evidence-based communications that enable providers to focus on promoting better health outcomes.

Phytel Coordinate

Proactively establish patient cohorts among an entire patient population and deliver automated messaging campaigns to engage patients.

Watson Advertising Conversations

Conversational marketing software uses AI and machine learning to create personalized 1:1 conversations with consumers. Learn more about our cognitive...

Watson Advertising Accelerator

Watson Advertising Accelerator uses dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for digital display, video and OTT to help exceed your campaign goals and...

Watson Advertising Weather Targeting

Watson Advertising’s weather triggered advertising and marketing solution combines the power of weather’s ability to drive emotion and action with...

Red Hat Marketplace

Discover, try and purchase certified container-based software. Deploy on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster -public and private, cloud and on-premises.

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