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Predictive analytics

Use predictive modeling, machine learning and analytics to make predictions based on your data

IBM Planning Analytics

121 Reviews - G2 Crowd

An AI-infused integrated planning solution that helps you transcend the limits of manual planning.

IBM SPSS Statistics

764 Reviews - G2 Crowd

Explore a comprehensive statistical analysis software platform designed for ease of use and quick actionable insights to solve business and research...

Special offer

IBM SPSS Modeler

128 Reviews - G2 Crowd

IBM SPSS Modeler provides predictive analytics to help you uncover data patterns, gain predictive accuracy and improve decision making.

IBM FlashSystem 5000

Simplify with faster, smarter, hybrid cloud enabled, more affordable storage solutions when running demanding applications and workloads.

IBM Watson Studio Desktop

IBM Watson Studio Desktop helps empower data science and AI tasks anywhere, with data preparation to visual drag-and-drop machine learning on your...

Special offer

IBM Power System AC922

Provides the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights, creating an incredibly powerful training platform.

IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS

Embed AI into critical business applications on IBM Z with an end-to-end machine learning platform

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

As part of Watson Studio in IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Watson Machine Learning Accelerator speeds deep learning with a GPU-enabled, multitenant architecture.

IBM Flexible Analytics

Flexible Analytics is a healthcare enterprise analytics approach delivering powerful decision support for business insights on premises, on your...

IBM Power System IC922

The IBM Power System IC922 inference server is engineered to put your AI models to work and unlock business insights using optimized hardware and...

IBM SPSS Regression

IBM SPSS Regression can help you expand your analytical and predictive capabilities beyond the limits of ordinary regression techniques.

IBM SPSS Custom Tables

IBM SPSS Custom Tables makes it easier to create presentation-quality tables using your SPSS Statistics data analysis.

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing allows you to identify the right customers and improve campaign results.

IBM SPSS Exact Tests

Use IBM SPSS Exact Tests to analyze small samples and rare occurrences in databases.

RAISE Generate

Raise generate, is an automated deep-learning model builder, based on genetic algorithms to raise, create any AI model that fits the business case...

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench allows you to analyze transaction performance and behavioral problems and simplifies problem analysis.

Intelligent Cloud Platform

ZeroStack is the first one-stop shop for cloud infrastructure that combines the consumption model of public cloud with the on-premises security...

IBM SPSS Data Preparation

Read, interpret and eliminate testing risk with IBM SPSS Data Preparation and modules.

IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS

Manage and configure IBM MQ and manage IBM Integration Bus

ClearBlade Edge Asset Monitoring

The ClearBlade Intelligent Asset Monitoring application enables any business to monitor any asset in real-time and stream that data into your enterprise...

IBM SPSS Complex Samples

IBM SPSS Complex Samples helps you improve accuracy, accelerate analysis and better manage data from complex sample designs.

IBM SPSS Categories

Explore relationships and predict outcomes in your data using predictive analysis, statistical learning, perceptual mapping and preference scaling.

IBM SPSS Statistics GradPack & Faculty Packs

IBM SPSS Statistics Grad Pack and Faculty Packs offer discounted predictive analytics software solutions to students, teachers and researchers.

IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization

Empower users to make informed decisions that help improve margins, increase service levels and reduce downtime with IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization.

IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights

The IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights solution connects drivers, vehicles and the surrounding environment in real time to optimize the in-car...

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics provides sophisticated analytical techniques and models to help you gain deeper insights from your data.

IBM SPSS Campus Editions

IBM SPSS Statistics campus editions make it easier for higher educational institutions to meet data analysis needs of students, faculty and researchers.

IBM SPSS Forecasting

IBM SPSS Forecasting allows both novice and experienced users to develop reliable, sophisticated forecasts using time-series data.

IBM SPSS Missing Values

IBM SPSS Missing Values helps you uncover patterns in missing data and replace the missing values with plausible estimates.

IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise

IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise provides the capabilities you need to optimize business decisions.

Red Hat Marketplace

Discover, try and purchase certified container-based software. Deploy on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster -public and private, cloud and on-premises.

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