Make your data cloud agnostic and the heart of your business

As your business adopts a multi-cloud strategy to leverage the best of breed technologies you face new challenges moving your data between clouds. Zayo's Object-Based Storage provides a secure, cost-effective long-term data retention solution that gives you the unique ability to make your data cloud agnostic without the penalties and charges incurred from the various clouds because you aren’t charged for ingress or egress fees when you access data over Zayo’s extensive global fiber network. Zayo's Object-Based Storage enables you to pick the right cloud for the right application while keeping your data at the center of your business.
Zayo Object Based Storage Solution

No Egress Fee Object-Based Storage

A cost-effective solution to solve your long term data retention needs. Object-Based Storage from Zayo offers you Petabytes of storage at a fraction of the price of traditional storage technologies.

Highly Secure Storage

Keep your sensitive data secure with zero-touch encryption and assure 100% data integrity. Zayo is SOC2 and SSAE 16 certified and we house HIPAA and PCI compliant infrastructure.

Connectivity and Multi-Node Storage

Assure reliable access to your data with direct connections to most public clouds and multi-node storage deployments over Zayo's global fiber network.

Single Storage for Multiple Clouds

Access and move your data freely between multiple clouds and Watson without being "locked in" with a single solution by combining Zayo's Object-Based Storage and direct connections.

Easily Scale to Your Needs

Deploy the capacity you need today and as your requirements change, you can rapidly scale storage to meet new demands leveraging industry standard APIs to stay in sync.

High-touch Support

Zayo’s certified support engineers are available to you 24 x 7 via phone, email and web portal to respond and rapidly resolve issues.

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Zayo Object Based Storage Solution

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Zayo Object Based Storage Solution