Products and services that exploit zIIP include:

Java and XML

In the IBM® z15™, IBM z14®, IBM z13® and IBM z13s®, the IBM z Systems Application Assist Processor (zAAP) is no longer supported but our clients can run zAAP workloads on the zIIP. The zIIP can execute Java® programming under control of the IBM Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There is no anticipated modifications to the Java application(s). For clients who desire cost effective XML parsing services on z/OS®, z/OS XML System Services can exploit the zIIP for eligible XML workloads.

IBM Db2 for z/OS

Beginning with Db2® for z/OS V8, Db2 for z/OS exploits the zIIP capability for portions of eligible data serving, pureXML, and utility workloads.


zIIP eligibility includes but is not limited to IBM OMEGAMON® XE on z/OS for direct access storage device (DASD) scanning, OMEGAMON XE for Db2 Performance Expert (and Db2 Performance Monitor) for normalizing Db2 for z/OS raw instrumentation data. OMEGAMON CICS® SLA Report Builder.


Customers who have RMF V2R1 and above and who also have at least one zIIP processor online in the partition where RMF Monitor III (RMFGAT) is running are able to run a portion of Monitor III work on zIIP engines.

IBM z/OS Communications Server

z/OS Communications Server exploits the zIIP for portions of internet protocol security (IPSec) network encryption and decryption. z/OS Communications Server also exploits zIIP for select HiperSockets™ large message traffic. z/OS XML System Services uses zIIP for eligible XML validating and non-validating workloads. z/OS Global Mirror enables DFSMS System Data Mover processing for zIIP. And portions of z/OS CIM Server processing are eligible for zIIP, in z/OS V1.11 or later.

IBM Global Business Services

IBM Global Business Services can enable the scalable architecture for financial reporting (SAFR) enterprise business intelligence reporting solution for zIIP.

Technical details

Software requirements

zIIP support for z/OS requires z/OS 1.8 or newer. z/OS 1.6 and 1.7 are also supported with the appropriate PTF installed.

    Hardware requirements

    zIIP processor is available on the following IBM Z® servers:

    • IBM z15, IBM z14, IBM z13 and IBM z13s
    • IBM zEnterprise EC12 and IBM zEnterprise BC12
    • IBM zEnterprise 196 and IBM zEnterprise 114
    • IBM System z10® Enterprise Class and IBM System z10 Business Class
    • IBM z9® Enterprise Class and IBM z9 Business Class

    Technical specifications

    Sizing and planning: To assist in planning for zIIPs, components of z/OS have been enhanced to report both projected zIIP usage and actual zIIP usage. The projected usage function (PROJECTCPU) is intended to gather information about CPU time spent executing code that could potentially execute on zIIPs.

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