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Everyone that is involved in testing enterprise process applications knows that testing can be time-consuming and expensive. As process applications become more complex, testing everything thoroughly becomes expensive and laborious. The YOU-GET APPTESTer solution enables automated testing for test scenarios and test scripts that can be executed automatically with each new release, drastically reducing your time-to-market. By performing IBM BPM Automated Testing, you can record test scenario’s and test cases, and performing these on each release, the quality of the testing work is guaranteed.

Achieve Amazing Cost Reductions

The You-Get APPTESTer allows you to balance costs by automating a large part of the testing work in one automated testing tool.

Bring High Quality into Testing

Releases will have a higher quality, as human error is cut out of the equation. The You-Get APPTESTer is a specialized application that brings structure to your IBM BPM testing efforts.

The APPTESTer: a Lightweight Application

The APPTESTer was built in Eclipse, making it a lightweight application that can be connected to all your BPM environments.

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