What IBM XIV Gen3 can do for your business

IBM XIV® Gen3 is a high-end, grid-scale storage system that excels in tuning-free consistent performance, extreme ease of use and exceptional data economics, including inline, field-proven IBM Real-time Compression™. IBM XIV is ideal for hybrid cloud, offering predictable service levels for dynamic workloads, simplified scale management, including in multi-tenant environments, flexible consumption models — and robust cloud automation and orchestration through OpenStack, RESTful API and VMware. It offers security and data protection through hot encryption, advanced mirroring and self-healing and investment protection with perpetual licensing.
IBM XIV Storage System

Tuning-free high performance

Deliver high performance to all applications at all times with zero tuning. Unique grid design of interconnected modules work in parallel to serve data and ensure tuning-free consistent performance.

Simplified storage management

Easily manage storage across private, public and hybrid cloud environments with built-in IBM Hyper-Scale Manager and intuitive GUI. Scale storage management with minimal overhead or training.

Exceptional security and reliability

Protect data through hot encryption, advanced mirroring, self-healing and more than 5 nines availability. Perpetual licensing, not attached to a specific XIV system, helps safeguard your investment.

Cloud agile for easy deployment

Speed your cloud deployment with predictable and consistent performance, simplified management, enterprise availability and all-inclusive capabilities including snapshots and multi-tenancy.

Lower TCO with optimized capacity

Gain up to 75 percent lower purchase cost with 4x more capacity in the same space with IBM Real-time Compression and up to 2 PB of effective capacity per rack without performance degradation.

Key features

  • Consistency
  • Simplicity
  • Resiliency
  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Gain storage visibility, insight, and control

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