What makes Workstreams amazing

Task management tools for the communication age

Manage tasks right where ideas are born, in your team's Slack channels. Communicate your idea, get feedback from your teammates and start tasking! Workstreams syncs across your channels and task boards, so you never lose sight on what matters now!

Visual overview with flexible Kanban boards

Use Workstreams' user-friendly Kanban boards to manage your team's tasks. Have a complete overview on everything with our advanced visual overview & filtering features.

Stay on top of progress: cumulative flow & burndown charts

Track your team's performance & ensure progress with Workstreams' intuitive insights features. Motivate your team with goals & get things done!

Seamless synchronization & powerful integrations

Workstreams lives on your laptop & across your mobile devices. The current state is always up-to-date. Integrate with your existing task management solutions.

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