Chat on Slack & manage all project tasks

Workstreams is a project management tool filled with useful features to help you get things done. Flexible Kanban board, great collaboration features, powerful goal tracking & analytics, all seamlessly integrated in Slack.

Task management

Turn ideas into actionable tasks. Assign responsibilities to team members, add detailed descriptions, attach files & organize between channels. Never miss an update with notifications right in Slack.

Visual overview

We love Kanban boards! Have perfect overview of your running projects, beautifully laid out on your customizable task board. Use our filters, add labels, add worksteps and focus on what matters now.

Analytics & tracking

Track overall progress with our amazing cumulative flow charts! Set ambitious goals and never slip on a deadline with Goal burndown charts. Do it all across teams & channels!

Integrate on the go

Tasking on the go! Sync across devices & collaborate on the move. Invite partners to task boards & build relationships with shared channels. Get access to your archive and integrate with webhooks.

Powerful features for exceptional teams

  • Task management tools for the communication age
  • Visual overview with flexible Kanban boards
  • Stay on top of progress: cumulative flow & burndown charts
  • Seamless synchronization & powerful integrations

Security and privacy in the cloud

Which option is right for you?

  • Workstreams Basic

    With our basic plan, you get unlimited tasks, channels, and goals for teams of any size. Task management both in Slack and on the Kanban board is included.

  • Workstreams Pro

    With our Pro plan, you get everything from FREE plus powerful analytics features like Burndown & Cumulative flow charts, webhook integrations, due dates & more.

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