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Unique Offering = More Value Delivered

The field is full of verification companies and it can be hard to differentiate them as all verification offerings are nearly the same. It can be confusing to understand which is better. Webbula makes it easy for you as we include Email Verification plus Email Hygiene plus Social Media Authentication to create a solution that is unprecedented and comprehensive. There really is nothing else like it on the market.

Increase inbox delivery up to 95%+

cloudHygiene not only flags undeliverable emails through email verification, it also identifies deliverable email threats like spam traps, honeypots, malicious moles, and more.

Exclusive data from the world’s largest Honeypot purveyor

Webbula has an exclusive partnership with the world’s largest Honeypot purveyor. We work together to detect harmful Spam Traps. Something no other provider is capable of.

Identify your 'BEST' emails

Social Media Authentication can validate emails associated with social media accounts related to social sharing, image sharing, blogs, and e-payment ecosystems. Socially related emails are more likely to be connected to a mobile device, making them excellent candidates for relevant mobile marketing.

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  • Faster Recall Campaigns - Automotive Consumer Products

    Faster Recall Campaigns - Automotive Consumer Products


    When an internal discovery of a product safety issue / defect requires you to recall a product, notifying your customers across all channels, including all emails ever collected, shows a best effort. Adding Email Intelligence now becomes Job 1.


    Maintain customer loyalty & limit legal liability by ensuring your email data is ready for a comprehensive recall campaign that includes access to enhanced email data so you can quickly fulfill your recall requirements with current/historical owners

  • Reactivate Inactive Customers

    Reactivate Inactive Customers


    Healthcare Open Enrollment, Tax Filing Season, Black Friday Holiday Shopping Season Kick-off,  Seasonal family and holiday celebrations, … all require you to reactivate those unengaged audiences who have not responded to emails in over 90 days.


    cloudHygiene will help you identify the 'inactive' and 'active' threats lurking in your aging data. Rapidly you will bring those customers & prospects online and make some noise and money with them.

  • Drive Loyalty Program Sign-ups

    Drive Loyalty Program Sign-ups


    Your Loyalty Program needs to help convert your shoppers from occasional browsers to steadfast customers and even brand advocates. Make sure you hit the inbox and don’t damage your sender reputation by adding email intelligence and data insights.


    Send more informed email campaigns and other time-sensitive notifications to identify, engage, and retain your best customers. Ensure your program offer of points, rebates, or discounts reach your customers inbox.

  • Get Aggressive with New Customer Acquisition

    Get Aggressive with New Customer Acquisition


    Every business needs new and loyal customers to succeed - and as customer’s needs change so do the means and ways of attracting and retaining them. The most valuable “Customer” data point is a valid, deliverable email address.


    Get aggressive but protect the valuable email address at all points of acquisition including - the Retail Store’s Point of Sale (POS), Free Trials (Freemium), Affiliate Networking, Search Advertising, Customer Referrals … Get Aggressive but be safe!

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