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Weather is one of the largest external variables impacting a consumer-focused business. No other outside variable shifts consumer buying behavior as frequently, directly, immediately, or meaningfully as the weather. Planalytics identifies, analyzes and applies weather intelligence to provide quantitative returns across an organization. Businesses typically gain 2-6% of incremental net income annually by removing weather-driven distortions from past sales. Using "deweatherized" baselines, companies are able to improve the accuracy of their plans and reduce lost sales and inventory costs.

Improved Forecast Accuracy

Companies typically realize a 5% improvement in total business forecast accuracy up to 30% improvements for individual product categories by planning from a weather-adjusted baseline.

Increase Net Income

Companies typically see at 2% to 6% increase in net income by optimizing inventories and reducing lost sales.

Understand Your True Performance

Weather Corrected = Better Perspective. Use weather-adjusted sales to accurately and consistently understand how your business is truly performing.

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Weather-Driven Demand Analytics

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Weather-Driven Demand Analytics