What it can do for your business

  • Omni-channel marketing automation
  • Detect struggle to create the best customer experiences
  • Connect your data across the marketing ecosystem
Watson Marketing Solutions

IBM Watson Campaign Automation

AI-powered, Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Automation

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IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Reach a new level of insight with AI-powered customer analytics.

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Watson Real-Time Personalization

Real-Time personalization made easy

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IBM Watson Content Hub

IBM® Watson® Content Hub is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that offers AI services to help you build engaging digital experiences. It allows you to build rich web experiences easily and to content-enable applications from mobile apps to single-page applications, billboards, embedded devices and more. An intuitive UI lets marketers work with content and websites easily, making updates fast and fuss-free. Rich APIs let developers place content wherever it is needed to provide consistent brand experience across all channels, and our zero-configuration, embedded CDN ensures high performance and global scale. Watson Content Hub customers now have instant access to one of the world’s largest collections of professional creative assets and an intuitive editor through a new partnership between IBM and Shutterstock. Learn how you can save time and money creating beautiful and evocative digital experiences.

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